Geneva Diaries #67

A Dedication, Wheatley, Mirko, Divorce Anniversary


Re sending A dedication- March 21st, 2015!

Dear Roger, sorry for the numerous emails but I’m resending with the correct anniversary date. In all my passion and fury I mixed up the date!

Dear Roger,

You are my friend and confidant, and at this point, I need you more than ever as I approach the fourth wedding anniversary post divorce. The pain hasn’t dulled, it’s still excruciating. Every time I get an email from my EX, I feel like committing Harakiri, piercing a cold knife deep into my gut and letting my intestines spill out!!! There seems to just be no way out…So in order to relieve my symptoms I have found just the song to dedicate to Mirko on this 4th anniversary. Do see clip below, the words are so apt and seem to flow straight from me:

Ending Song Portal 2

This is the ending song of the brilliant and very popular video game Portal 2, where even though I played as Chell the protagonist, this ending song by GLaDOS, an AI homocidal computer completely encapsulates all my feelings. It’s brilliant, I could not have said it better.

The final 30 seconds of the video game show Wheatley (oh so like Mirko), a personalty robot, who goes through a transformation and become a megalomaniac, defeated and flung out of the game into deep dark space. He then has time to reflect and apologizes to Chell (me of course). This is the stuff dreams are made of, ultimate revenge!

I know you will chuckle as you watch a remorseful Wheatley/ Mirko floating in deep dark space in the clip below:

Portal 2 – Wheatley Apologizes While Stuck in Space

Will chat with you when Im in Sf. Hugs to the family!



Roger Stevenson Wed, Mar 11, 2015,

Dear Purnima,

I’m so sorry that you are still plagued by the painful memories of your divorce. It is one of the most emotionally distressing experiences I think people go through.  I can just imagine him writing to you and twisting the knife just a little bit with his acerbic comments. I will never forget the horrible way he spoke to you the day we were all waiting in the airport in Barcelona for our baggage to arrive. The ending song on Portal 2 is indeed so totally appropriate: “I just want you to be gone”  !!!!!   It’s too bad you can’t convert him into a video game figure of your imagination à la Wheatley and send him reeling out into the foreboding realms of outer darkness from which there will never be a return.

Have a wonderful trip to California. We won’t be back in Ojai until the 27th, but it would be wonderful to chat while you are in San Francisco. Do you still have my cell-phone number ?  

Take care and stay positive. Your trip should help in that department.



Roger Stevenson

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