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Join me for an adventure of a lifetime as I uncover Whodunnit!


A glimpse of the world through Cezanne’s eyes


The Real and The Surreal…

Art, Life, Light


On the footsteps of our lost companions -The magnificent Birds, Bees, Fish, Mammals Flowers, Trees from Ski to Sea

Elephant Herd – Kabini India


Different people, cultures, traditions and landscapes.


Different people, cultures, traditions and landscapes.

2009-2015 – GENEVA DIARIES

My letters to Roger – An American in Paris – Friend, Philosopher, Teacher, Guide, someone who grabbed my wrist as I stood teetering over the abyss in Geneva and whisked me off to his favorite stage to play The Black Swan inspiring me to perform the perfect pirouette.

Disclaimer : P

All persons, places, events are fictitious; all imputed relationships purely aspirational. There were no men harmed during the penning of the Feminist Manifesto


Purnima Traversing The Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia
Wanted Dead or Alive – The Blue Ridge Mountains Virginia
Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin – Je t’aime… moi non plus/Original videoclip (Fontana 1969)

Audio-The Best Seat in Milan:


Geneva Blockbuster-Anjana-Anjani
Geneva Blockbuster-Privy Relationships
Geneva Blockbuster – Sex on Fire

Letter #45: https://purrnima.blog/geneva-diaries-45/

Alice In Tourette, The Wax Palace, Bali Hi, Provence, Red Rackhams Treasure, The Supreme Court of The Cyberworld

Letter #46: https://purrnima.blog/geneva-diaries-46/

Shantaram, Bangalore, Birthdays, Seizure, Prise, Qabza and the 4th

Letter #47: https://purrnima.blog/geneva-diaries-47/

I Express Therefore I Am – Cave Art – Universal Human Rights

Letter #48: https://purrnima.blog/geneva-diaries-48/

The Doors, Carnatic Music and Tamil Culture, Liechtenstein

Letter #49: https://purrnima.blog/geneva-diaries-49/

Letter #50: https://purrnima.blog/geneva-diaries-50/

Conception of The Buddha, Allegiance, Identity, Evangeline in Real and Cyberworld

The Diarrhea Song – A Journey to Bangalore, India

Letter #51: https://purrnima.blog/geneva-diaries-51/

India & French elections, Marriage, Law, Culture, Monsanto and Technology

Letter #52: https://purrnima.blog/geneva-diaries-52/

Lingua Franca, Persia, Houris and The Immigrants Tale

Letter #53: https://purrnima.blog/geneva-diaries-53/

Letter #54: https://purrnima.blog/geneva-diaries-54/

Mei Guo- Health Care, Singapore Art Museum and Purr-Gate-(s)Tory

Letter #55: https://purrnima.blog/geneva-diaries-55/


Letter #56: https://purrnima.blog/geneva-diaries-56/

Vernacular Bible – Language for the People, Dussehra Ramayana, Emojis – Multimedia, Le Loi Pour Les Nuls 

What Did The Cat Say?

Who Me?

Yes You!

Couldn’t Be.

Then Who? Whodunnit?


The Real Black Panther – Kabini India: