Geneva Diaries #2

Musee d’Ethnographie -Geneve 7/20/09 Bonsoir Purnima, Excusez-moi de vous écrire si tard, mais nous avons regardé toute la soirée l’investiture d’Obama.  C’est un moment historique:  Vous l’avez regardé ? CNN has had live coverage of all the events since about 4:30 this afternoon. We even ate in front of the TV to be able toContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #2”

Excerpts – Geneva Diaries (#1-#5)

Letters To Roger Letter #1 6/16/09 Dear Purnima, You so aptly characterized that period in the US. It was the time in my life where I was a graduate student, learning to see the world through different sets of eyes, loosing that sense of innocence I had about existence and understanding that all the KoolContinue reading “Excerpts – Geneva Diaries (#1-#5)”