Geneva Diaries #59

Privacy, Cyberspace, Human Error, T&C, Scrapping, Morality in Virtual Space Time On Monday, September 9, 2013, Roger wrote: Dear Purnima, Are you still transfixed with pins to a board, like a beautiful butterfly specimen in a natural history museum?  That is somehow an image that I can’t quite reconcile with my still-vivid memories of FrenchContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #59”

Geneva Diaries #47

I Express Therefore I Am – Cave Art – Universal Human Rights Cave Art – Art makes Man  11/11/11 Dear Roger, Thanks to you my mind is being stormed by the idea of what exactly it is that makes us human.  Is this immortal quest through time a need to identify and express the self?Continue reading “Geneva Diaries #47”

Geneva Diaries #36

Bonne journée internationale de la femme ! ! ! Dear Purnima, Just wanted to wish you a Happy Women’s Day.  I heard a report on the BBC yesterday of a state in India (Kerala, perhaps) where it was forbidden for women to wear jeans and to use a mobile phone.  There are obviously some religiousContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #36”