Geneva Diaries #50*

Conception of The Buddha, Allegiance, Identity, Evangeline in Real and Cyberworld On Sat, May 12, 2012 ,  Roger Stevenson wrote: Dear Purnima, How are you ?  Any silver linings peeking over the horizon ?  I’ve been trying to find a time when we could chat via Skype, but it’s hard to arrange to be aloneContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #50*”

Geneva Diaries #33

Language – Hindi/Urdu, I Kissed a Girl, Laws in The Real and Cyberworld 12/22/10 Dear Purnima, Here’s the latest article from Tom Dispatch, and the introduction is revealing in that the US government has blocked access to the site from government computers.  Really quite shameful !  If I disappear down an Alice-like hole, you’ll knowContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #33”