Geneva Diaries #13

Goa and the Rickshaw driver, Madhubala in Manhattan, The Crane and The Magical Lake 12/24/09 Dear Roger, Greetings from Glorious Goa! Sun, sand, surf and gooood smoke, a constant 30 degrees…it could not get better! I absolutely have to bring u to my universe, this little Indo-Portugese haven on the west coast of India, even ifContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #13”

Geneva Diaries #62*

Burnes and The Great Game, Goa, Gauguin, Dalrymple and Afghanistan 12/2/14 Dear Roger, I’m finally back in Delhi after all my adventures. Goa was glorious, I love weather, the semi rural atmosphere, the palm trees of course and the balmy beaches, like Gauguin I’m afraid I’m headed for a tropical dreamland. I am seriously thinkingContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #62*”

Excerpts – Geneva Diaries (#11-#15)

Letter #11 ALL THE SONS OF GENEVA–EMIGRANTS TALE – PIRATES – DONNER PASS 12/07/09 Dear Roger, There is much excitement all around, and we seem to be in the center of it all. Geneva is celebrating its annual festival L’Escalade, where the Genevois repelled a surprise attack on the night of December 11th, 1602, by theContinue reading “Excerpts – Geneva Diaries (#11-#15)”