Geneva Diaries #55*

Chats/Feelings, Saraswati, Tara and Ashwathama 9/12/12 Dear Roger, How wonderful it is to get an email from you from right here in the depths of my lows. Everytime I feel I’ve hit rock bottom there seems more to go, and from this point i’m no longer sure which way is up! Roger, you did somethingContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #55*”

Geneva Diaries #54*

Mei Guo- Health Care – Singapore Art Museum 28/8/12 Paradise Continued… Dear Roger, No news from you and I still remain cloistered in my darkened cave waiting for this long summer to pass. Occasionally, some kind soul throws a weekend section of the IHT over on to my balcony and I reconnect with the goingsContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #54*”