Geneva Diaries #51*

India & French elections, Marriage, Law, Culture, Monsanto and Technology 5/20/12 Dear Purnima, Some ugly news out of India and the role the Times of India played in falsely given a positive spin to the woes of cotton farmers who had chosen to plant Monsanto GM cotton. I think Monsanto and the other GM seedContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #51*”

Geneva Diaries #43

Jack and Gilles -Law and technology Vanishing Saraswati On May 24, 2011, Roger wrote: Dear Purnima, It’s me again with a link  to a great article about DSK.  I am thrilled that someone has finally made the link  between what happened at the Sofitel hotel and what the IMF and other financial organizations have doneContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #43”

Excerpts – Geneva Diaries (#6-#10)

Letters To Roger Letter #6 Dear Roger, I saw a fabulous movie this weekend which immediately lifted my spirits, Good Morning England a “must see”! Its about a band of rogue DJ’s broadcasting their music which was scandalous and unacceptable to the establishment of the day from a pirate ship stationed in the middle of theContinue reading “Excerpts – Geneva Diaries (#6-#10)”