Geneva Diaries #57*

Tiger Cave, Chimeras, Merchant of Venice, Blood, Biometrics, Technology, Genetics The Tiger Cave above from Mahabalipuram, India is meant to depict “yeli” a cross between a lion and a tiger but I see a chimera, a cross of multifold tusked and horned beasts, the perfect setting for our grand theatre!  5/27/12 Dear Purnima,  It’s beenContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #57*”

Geneva Diaries #43

Jack and Gilles -Law and technology Vanishing Saraswati On May 24, 2011, Roger wrote: Dear Purnima, It’s me again with a link  to a great article about DSK.  I am thrilled that someone has finally made the link  between what happened at the Sofitel hotel and what the IMF and other financial organizations have doneContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #43”