Geneva Diaries #67

A Dedication, Wheatley, Mirko, Divorce Anniversary 3/21/15 Re sending A dedication- March 21st, 2015! Dear Roger, sorry for the numerous emails but I’m resending with the correct anniversary date. In all my passion and fury I mixed up the date! Dear Roger, You are my friend and confidant, and at this point, I need youContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #67”

Geneva Diaries #64

Kadambari, Kashmir, Hamlet, Haider, A TidBit Of Value, Room 101 On Sat, Jan 31, 2015, Roger Stevenson wrote: Dear Purnima, That’s great that you are going to do another trip to California via Geneva, but your choice of dates is terrible as far as getting together in the Bay Area. We are going to ParisContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #64”

Geneva Diaries #56

Vernacular Bible – Language for the People, Dussehra Ramayana, Emojis – Multimedia, Le Loi Pour Les Nuls  10/21/12 Purr-Gate-(s)Tory Contined… Dear Roger, How wonderful to get two emails from you back to back! So, you have not forgotten me, that feels so good…even though you may have forgotten my birthday. But your fabulously vivid emails reContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #56”

Geneva Diaries #55

CHATS/FEELINGS AND ASHWATHAMMA 9/12/12 Dear Roger, How wonderful it is to get an email from you from right here in the depths of my lows. Everytime I feel I’ve hit rock bottom there seems more to go, and from this point i’m no longer sure which way is up! Roger, you did something magical toContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #55”

Geneva Diaries #50

Conception of The Buddha, Allegiance, Identity, Evangeline in Real and Cyberworld On Sat, May 12, 2012 ,  Roger Stevenson wrote: Dear Purnima, How are you ?  Any silver linings peeking over the horizon ?  I’ve been trying to find a time when we could chat via Skype, but it’s hard to arrange to be aloneContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #50”

Geneva Diaries (#1-#10)- Full

Roger’s Early Letters, The Indus Valley Civilization and an American Story Letter #1 12/8/08 Dear Roger, Thank you so much,I am sure its because of my very special french teacher! I hope I am able to keep it up. I also eagerly look forward to meeting V and learning sushi from him. Thanks for contacting himContinue reading “Geneva Diaries (#1-#10)- Full”

Geneva Diaries #19

Mulling over Morocco: Casablanca, Humphrey Bogart and Where did all the Good Guys Go? Kyoto Nuclear Arms Race 4/21/10 On Sun, Apr 18, 2010. Dear Purnima, It’s our last night in Kyoto, and we’ve had a marvelous time here, although my feet are tired and sore from all the walking we have done. Yesterday was theContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #19”