Geneva Diaries #5

Indiana Jones, Inspector Clouseau, Nadir Shah, Tavernier- The Eternal Quest for the Kohinoor 8/13/09 Dear Roger, It’s bubbling up and bursting out to rival the jet d’eau, tell me how u like it? Jet d’Eau Geneva at Nighttime: I wish to persuade you that my life has not always been a dead end, and I amContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #5”

Geneva Diaries #4

Randomness and The Black Swan Servitus  8/12/09 Natalie Portman as The Black Swan: Dear Purnima, Wow, Talk about a random event – I just found this email in my spam box.  It is the first and only time that an email from you has been dumped there. Totally fascinating that you should relate Black SwanContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #4”

Geneva Diaries #64

Kadambari, Kashmir, Hamlet, Haider, A TidBit Of Value, Room 101 On Sat, Jan 31, 2015, Roger Stevenson wrote: Dear Purnima, That’s great that you are going to do another trip to California via Geneva, but your choice of dates is terrible as far as getting together in the Bay Area. We are going to ParisContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #64”

Geneva Diaries #60

Cartier-Bresson, The Lunchbox,  Greek Philosophers, English Adventurers and Awesome GF’s! On Thu, Mar 20, 2014, Roger wrote:Dear Purnima, And I can’t believe it either.  It has been a week and a half since we had our little stroll through the Latin Quarter. I hope you had a good flight home and that you didn’t haveContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #60”

Geneva Diaries #59

Privacy, Cyberspace, Human Error, T&C, Scrapping, Morality in Virtual Space Time On Monday, September 9, 2013, Roger wrote: Dear Purnima, Are you still transfixed with pins to a board, like a beautiful butterfly specimen in a natural history museum?  That is somehow an image that I can’t quite reconcile with my still-vivid memories of FrenchContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #59”

Geneva Diaries #58

Japanese Doll Kabuki 4/18/13 Dear Roger, Here is a print of my Japanese doll with the horned flaxen helmet, i finally found it and had to share it with you ( i just hope Im not resending). The Tale of The Golden Helmet – Yaegakihime A kabuki play of a love story set inContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #58”

Geneva Diaries #57

Tiger Cave, Chimeras, Merchant of Venice, Blood, Biometrics, Technology, Genetics  5/27/12 Dear Purnima,  It’s been a whirlwind two and a half days here in Newport.  I am leaving again in just a while for the drive back to Boston and my flight to SFO.  I did most of my shopping for stuff that I alwaysContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #57”

Geneva Diaries #56

Vernacular Bible – Language for the People, Dussehra Ramayana, Emojis – Multimedia, Le Loi Pour Les Nuls  10/21/12 Purr-Gate-(s)Tory Contined… Dear Roger, How wonderful to get two emails from you back to back! So, you have not forgotten me, that feels so good…even though you may have forgotten my birthday. But your fabulously vivid emails reContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #56”

Geneva Diaries #55

CHATS/FEELINGS AND ASHWATHAMMA 9/12/12 Dear Roger, How wonderful it is to get an email from you from right here in the depths of my lows. Everytime I feel I’ve hit rock bottom there seems more to go, and from this point i’m no longer sure which way is up! Roger, you did something magical toContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #55”

Geneva Diaries #51

India & French elections, Marriage, Law, Culture, Monsanto and Technology 5/20/12 Dear Purnima, Some ugly news out of India and the role the Times of India played in falsely given a positive spin to the woes of cotton farmers who had chosen to plant Monsanto GM cotton. I think Monsanto and the other GM seedContinue reading “Geneva Diaries #51”